Dragon Husband Chapter 1909

Wiliam used his back to forcibly take the fatal blow from this monster! Before Li Chunfeng may want to say something, he saw Wiliam’s mouth open. A mouthful of blood became sprayed without delay on Li Chunfeng’s frame. “Wiliam!” Li Chunfeng’s heart appeared to be stabbed via a needle, and he cried out. A blood hole seemed on Wiliam’s lower back! This punch at once smashed into Wiliam’s body, nearly piercing Wiliam! If it wasn’t for the unicorn armor on Wiliam’s body, if it

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1909

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1909
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: Dragon Husband
Status: Ongoing

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, who become looking ahead to loss of life to come back, simplest felt his frame warm for a while! It’s like being wrapped in something. Then, the violent effect without delay lifted her body and slammed her into the gap! Excruciating pain! Li Chunfeng reluctantly opened his eyes once more, however noticed a shocking scene! In front of him, a person regarded! Wiliam! Wiliam didn’t recognize whilst he left Su Yongcun’s again! At the vital second, he seemed in front of Li Chunfeng!

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