Dragon Husband Chapter 1907

His eyes immediately turned crimson, and he screamed inside the sky! I even have never suffered such humiliation in my life! He turned into compelled to try this with the aid of someone who turned into simply building a mood! These days! They are all going to die! Especially that female! Wait until I refine you alive! Thinking of this, Ye Qiongqi kicked his feet and rose into the air! His massive fist smashed instantly at Li Chunfeng who changed into on the floor!

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1907

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1907
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: Dragon Husband
Status: Ongoing

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 The white clothes regarded to be soaked in the blood pool, and there has been no blood seeping everywhere on the frame. Forcibly the usage of this trick changed into very annoying to her. Now she could simplest lie on the floor weakly, blood nevertheless flowing from her mouth. Ye Qiongqi, who pierced his eardrum, become glaringly very painful!

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