Dragon Husband Chapter 1906

without the coronary heart to cry blood, it misplaced its basis in an on the spot. Li Chunfeng additionally suffered a backlash whilst Ye Qiongqi’s eardrum burst. She changed into the frame of a cuckoo, fell from the sky with a bang, and hit the ground hard! Then, the blood and tears cuckoo slowly shrank at the ground, and eventually lower back to Li Chunfeng’s look. At this second, Li Chunfeng regarded extremely depressing.

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1906

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1906
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: Dragon Husband
Status: Ongoing

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Two handfuls of blood sputtered immediately from Ye Qiongqi’s ears! The human beings at the scene had been stunned! This Ye Qiangqi is really a lunatic! Can’t eliminate Li Chunfeng’s unintended cry for some time, so loopy! Poke the eardrum immediately together with your finger! In the Eight Desolate Thunder Territory, there’s no way to escape. In the identical manner, there’s no heart to cry blood, no ears to avoid! Without eardrums, with out hearing,

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