Dragon Husband Chapter 1809

Wiliam’s body hadn’t rushed in front of Ye Qiongqi, however Long Live Demon Lotus had already bumped into it!
Long live the demon lotus is like hitting a black mountain. The seemingly light and insubstantial black air completely blocks Wiliam’s long live demon lotus.
Then, a ripple seemed at the black air barrier, and as quickly as the ripple swayed, the Long Live Demon Lotus

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1809

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Dragon Husband Chapter 1809
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: Dragon Husband
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys Dragon Husband Chapter Latest:

 became swept away without delay.
In the blink of an eye fixed, Wiliam became already close to the black barrier.
Wiliam’s fist, with the sound of breaking the wind, resolutely smashed on the black air barrier!
The strength of the unicorn burst out at this moment!
The floor in the front and behind Ye Qiongqi and Wiliam shattered immediately, as though they could not withstand Wiliam’s full pressure blow!
As quickly as he hit it, Wiliam had actually no goal of taking flight!
Going head to head is his strong obsession now!
His fist, his inner energy, and his unicorn power regarded to be slammed on the black air barrier!
If it had been an ordinary man or woman, it would have been backlashed via the black air barrier and his palms could were damaged.
Relying on his effective frame and unicorn armor, Wiliam abruptly did now not prevent the offensive!

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